Commerce Minister Amin Modad accused of unilaterally increasing rice prices without President Boakai’s approval


The recent controversy surrounding the price of rice in Liberia has brought to light accusations against Commerce Minister Amin Modad. It is alleged that Minister Modad unilaterally increased the price of rice without the approval of President Boakai, raising questions about his loyalty to the government and the well-being of the people.

While Minister Modad has defended the price hike by pointing to global economic challenges and government charges on rice importation, reports indicate that he did not consult with President Boakai before implementing the increase. This has caused tensions between the two officials.

President Boakai has expressed his disapproval of the price hike and has directed the Ministry of Justice to take action against those responsible. Calls from citizens for further measures to be taken against Minister Modad have intensified, with accusations of constitutional violations and prioritizing business profits over the welfare of the people.

The situation remains tense as the government navigates through this controversy, with many watching closely to see how it will be addressed. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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