Commerce Minister Modad Misled; Fact Check Shows No Extra 4% Surge Charge on Rice Export in India as Claimed by the Minister


Liberia’s announcement of a price increase for Indian parboiled rice has caused a stir, attributing the hike to a claimed 4% surge charge on top of existing export taxes. However, a recent fact-check conducted by “Local Voices Liberia” suggests otherwise.

According to the fact-check report by Local Voices Liberia, inquiries were made to the All-India Rice Exporters Association regarding the alleged 4% surge charge. The Association’s Executive Director, Alok Bisaria, clarified that the Government of India continues to levy a 20% duty on the export of parboiled and non-Basmati rice, contradicting Minister Amin Modad’s assertion of a 24% duty on rice export.

The Commerce Ministry had previously dismissed allegations of Minister Modad seeking kickbacks from rice importers, labeling such claims as false and criticizing a journalist who raised concerns on the matter. Reputable foreign news outlets also reported that India had imposed a 20% duty on white rice exports in 2022, later extending it to parboiled rice, aligning with the exporters association’s statement.

In light of the evidence presented, it is evident that Commerce Minister Amin Modad’s claim of an additional 4% surge charge on Indian rice export is inaccurate. The fact check conducted by Local Voices Liberia concludes that there is no such additional levy on rice exports from India.

For further details, you can access the report by Local Voices Liberia for a comprehensive understanding of the matter here

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