Liberia’s Ministry of Commerce Announces Price Increase for Rice


Ministry of Commerce has announced a significant increase in the price of rice, specifically affecting the cost of a 25kg bag of Indian parboiled rice. According to the Commerce Minister, the price of this staple food item is set to rise from 16.50 USD to 18.50 USD starting on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

The Minister attributed this price hike to a 20% surge in charges imposed by the Indian government on rice exports. This decision is likely to impact consumers and businesses alike, prompting concerns about the affordability and accessibility of this essential commodity.

However, in response to these developments, Mr. Admin Mondad assured the public that the government is actively collaborating with authorities at the Port to explore avenues for mitigating the impact of the price increase. Alleged efforts are being made to streamline processes and reduce costs to ensure that rice remains reasonably priced and available to all citizens.

One thought on “Liberia’s Ministry of Commerce Announces Price Increase for Rice

  1. The government of Liberia is not serious by increasing the stable food of Liberians.
    Jnb need to be serious by doing what they have promised .

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