Liberia Scrap Dealers Association President Refutes Corruption Allegations

FreedomNews | Benjamin Q. Johnson:

Mr. Ayouba Kamara, the President of the Liberia Scrap Dealers Association (LSDA), forcefully refuted the accusations of corruption and abuse of power leveled against him by the Liberia Scrap Buyers Association (LSBA).

During the meeting, Mr. Kamara challenged the LSBA and the public to verify the validity of the allegations made against him. He criticized the LSBA for not being a member of the LSDA and, therefore, lacking the authority to question the leadership of another organization. Mr. Kamara emphasized the importance of the LSBA focusing on managing their affairs rather than engaging in what he described as “wrongful blackmail.”

Furthermore, Mr. Kamara highlighted the significant achievements made under his leadership, including the establishment of a well-structured LSDA office and the decentralization of the association’s functions across the country. He also mentioned the successful lobbying for the acquisition of vehicles and motorcycles, which have been distributed for official LSDA operations.

Notably, Mr. Kamara asserted that he has never been summoned by the LSDA office for violating the organization’s constitution since becoming president. He expressed confidence in the unwavering support of the LSDA stakeholders and reiterated the robust accountability processes in place within the association.

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