Mo ALi Accuses Frontpage Africa of being part of a cartel led by BMC that is causing hindrances in the supply of water treatment chemicals to LWSC


Mo Ali, the head of Liberia’s Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), has recently made some shocking allegations against Frontpage Africa, a well-known Liberian daily newspaper founded by Mr. Rodney Sieh in 2005. Ali has accused the newspaper of being part of a cartel, led by BMC and other mysterious figures, that is causing hindrances in the supply of water treatment chemicals to LWSC.

Ali has vowed to expose and dismantle Frontpage Africa and the BMC cartel by uncovering any hidden connections and bribery schemes that may be enabling this unethical behavior. He has also stated his intention to prioritize Liberian companies for providing water treatment chemicals under his leadership, and to support them in improving their operations.

In his statements, Ali emphasized his determination to eradicate this cartel and ensure that LWSC can fulfill its role without any interference. It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds in the coming days.

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Dear Frontpage Africa,

Try harder next time. Your attempt to front for the cartel led by (BMC) and the other under hands workers that have kept the LWSC down for decades in this water treatment chemical supply will be broken. Gradually, I will uncover all the other hidden hands behind you and the bribery given to push this trash.

I will repeat myself, as long as I am head of the LWSC, Liberian companies will be given the priority to supply chemicals and we will help them to improve.

Get ready because I’m not backing down until the cartel is broken down completely.

Mo ALi Public Letter to FPA

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