Family of Burnt Police Commander Vows Protest Over Alleged Government Neglect

FreedomNews | By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

In a concerning turn of events, the family members of Commander Morhafee Jabbateh, who sustained severe burn injuries during the Totota tanker explosion in December 2023, have resolved to stage a protest to draw attention to his worsening health condition and the alleged neglect by the government of Liberia.

The tragic incident, which saw a tanker explode in Totota, resulted in multiple casualties and left Commander Morhafee Jabbateh with critical burns as he courageously endeavored to assist citizens amidst the chaos. Since then, his family claims that the Liberian government has disregarded his medical needs, despite recommendations for advanced treatment abroad.

Speaking with evident frustration, Ayouba Doumuyah, known as “Uncle D,” expressed the family’s determination to mobilize a large-scale protest to bring the plight of Commander Jabbateh to the forefront. They seek to highlight what they perceive as inadequate government response and to prompt humanitarian organizations to intervene.

Furthermore, Mr. Doumuyah articulated the family’s intention to escalate their protest to the international community should the Liberian government fail to address Commander Jabbateh’s health needs. He also emphasized the possibility of legal action against the government if their demands remain unmet.

In addition, the family voiced disappointment in the Bong County Legislative Caucus for their purported mishandling of the LNP officer’s health concerns.

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