RITCO Refutes Claim of Selling Expired Goods

FreedomNews | Benjamin Q. Johnson:

The management of RITCO Distillery has expressed serious concern over reports that expired goods were discovered in their warehouse in Pleebo, Maryland County. The company strongly denies these claims and wants to set the record straight.

According to RITCO, the goods found in their warehouse were not intended for sale but were packed for disposal since 2023, as they were awaiting the approval of the rightful authority. The company suspects that this is the work of a former employee who was dismissed for financial malpractice and is now engaged in spreading false and misleading information.

RITCO has further clarified that the goods being disposed of in their warehouse were not their products, but rather those of their business partners. The company has stated that they are committed to abiding by all necessary procedures to ensure that they supply the best and healthiest consumable goods to the market.

The management of RITCO has expressed their disappointment with the situation and has assured their customers that they remain committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. They have urged their customers to remain calm and trust in the company’s dedication to providing safe and reliable products.

In conclusion, RITCO Distillery has taken a strong stance against the sale of expired goods, demonstrating its commitment to upholding quality and safety standards. The company’s swift response and transparency in this matter have helped to reassure their customers and maintain their trust in the brand.

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