Liberia Moves to Address Montserrado Flooding Crisis Through Wetland Restoration and New Capital City


In a significant initiative to address Monrovia’s ongoing flooding challenges, the Liberian Senate has approved a series of recommendations put forth by its Joint Committee. These recommendations involve removing illegally constructed buildings in wetlands and waterways, as well as creating a new capital city to alleviate the overcrowding and outdated infrastructure in Monrovia.

This decision comes in response to a report by the Joint Committee, prompted by concerns raised by Montserrado County Senator Saah H. Joseph regarding the severe flooding in the capital. The report underscored the extensive property damage and displacement suffered by residents due to the recurring flooding incidents.

To prevent future flood disasters, the Senate has tasked its Joint Committee with collaborating with key government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Public Works, and the Disaster Management Agency. The objective is to formulate cohesive plans and establish an institutional framework to effectively tackle the flooding emergency.

Acknowledging the intricate nature of the problem, the Joint Committee’s report highlighted the importance of cooperation among different ministries and authorities, including the Ministry of Justice, City Corporations, and the Liberia Land Authority. This comprehensive approach seeks to ensure that zoning regulations, environmental laws, and enforcement measures are appropriately aligned to address the underlying causes of the flooding.

Furthermore, apart from the clearance of unauthorized constructions in wetlands and waterways, the Senate has directed its Modernization Committee to lead the planning for the development of a new capital city. This endeavor is viewed as a lasting remedy to the issues posed by Monrovia’s outdated infrastructure and population congestion.

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