President Boakai’s Visit to the US Sparks Hope for Resumed Delta Airlines Flights to Liberia

FreedomNews | Chris-Saah M. Poe:

President Boakai’s recent visit to the United States has sparked hope for the resumption of direct Delta Airlines flights to Liberia. The Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism (MICAT) has announced that negotiations have begun to restore these important air travel links.

Delta Airlines had previously operated direct flights to Liberia from 2010 to 2014 before discontinuing the service. During his trip to the US to attend the 16th US-Africa Business Summit, President Boakai visited Atlanta, Georgia, and engaged in discussions aimed at bringing back these flights.

According to the MICAT release, the potential benefits of reinstating these flights were emphasized in a press release by Ms. Cynthia L. Blandford, who highlighted the positive impact this initiative could have on advancing Liberia’s development agenda. This development signals a promising step towards enhancing connectivity and fostering economic growth in Liberia.

Ms. Cynthia L. Blandford is a former Honorary Consul Republic of Liberia, Editor-in-Chief of International Focus (iF) Magazine, and President and CEO of the University Consortium for Liberia (UCL), as per the MICAT report.

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