EPS Under Sam Gaye dismisses former Vice President Howard-Taylor’s Claims as Baseless Accusations Aimed at Gaining Public Attention


The Executive Protection Service (EPS) recently released a statement dismissing the former Vice President’s claims of being attacked on Duport Road. In their official release posted on the Executive Mansion Liberia Official Facebook Page, the EPS stated that there was a lack of evidence to support her assertion and clarified that there was no evidence of another vehicle colliding with her convoy.

According to the EPS, their investigation revealed that the ex-Vice President was traveling in a two-vehicle convoy when a noise from one of the vehicles resulted in slight damage to a rear windshield. While certain media outlets reported that someone had thrown objects at her vehicle, a search in the vicinity found no evidence supporting this claim. Witnesses who were interviewed suggested that gravel from beneath a vehicle’s tire in the opposite lane could have caused the damage.

The EPS emphasizes its role in protecting high-ranking officials, including the President and Vice President, as well as their families and other VIPs. They state that they are focused on uncovering the truth behind potential threats and incidents rather than becoming involved in political manipulation or baseless accusations aimed at gaining public attention.

Based on their findings, the EPS dismissed former Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor’s claims as baseless accusations meant to gain public attention.

However, it is important to note that some may question why Sam Gaye’s leadership within EPS continues to show disrespect towards both the former Presidents and Vice Presidents. His behavior has raised concerns about his professionalism in his leadership at security service agencies like the Executive Protection Service (EPS).

Executive Protection Service Release below

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