Ensuring Rice Stability in Liberia: President Boakai Forms Committee


Liberia’s President Joe Boakai has made a significant move to ensure the stability of the country’s primary food source by establishing a Rice Committee. This committee has the important responsibility of maintaining a consistent and reliable supply of rice in Liberia.

The objectives of the committee are broad and forward-looking. They will be involved in creating strategies to sustain rice availability, developing plans to enhance local rice production and reduce reliance on imports, and encouraging Liberian participation in the rice import and distribution sectors nationwide. Furthermore, the committee will prioritize the efficient management of the Rice Stabilization Fund and the upkeep of vital rice-related data, such as prices, quality levels, and comparisons with other key rice-producing nations.

Comprised of respected members from diverse governmental entities, businesses, associations, and civil society groups, the committee is expected to bring a varied wealth of expertise to address the intricate issues related to rice stability in Liberia.

Committee Members include:

  1. Amb. Charles Minor – Chairman
  2. Mr. David Vinton – Member
  3. Mrs. Tenaky Toure Kaba – Member
  4. Ministry of Agriculture – Member
  5. Ministry of Commerce & Industry – Member
  6. Ministry of Finance & Development Planning – Member
  7. Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs – Member
  8. Fouta Corporation – Member
  9. National Port Authority – Member
  10. Liberia Business Association – Member
  11. Liberia Marketing Association – Member
  12. National Transport Union of Liberia – Member
  13. Liberia Bankers Association – Member
  14. National Civil Society Council of Liberia – Member
  15. Rural Women Organization of Liberia – Member

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