CDC Partisans Demand Transparency and Accountability from Party’s 2023 Electoral Team, Call for Party Leadership Reforms


In recent developments, a fervent group of supporters from the former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has emerged, demanding transparency and accountability from the party’s 2023 electoral team. Known as “We the People,” this group aims to push for reforms within the party following its loss in the presidential election.

Expressing their unwavering support for the party’s leader, former President George Weah, the group is notably concerned about the handling of campaign funds and the lack of openness regarding the party’s defeat. Their call for accountability extends to holding those responsible for the electoral setback answerable.

“We the People” assert that the current leadership of the party lacks direction and has not effectively challenged the Boakai administration. Their proposed solution involves convening a convention by August 31, 2024, wherein grassroots members can select new leaders who reflect the party’s values and interests robustly.

Should the party fail to organize this convention, the group is prepared to mobilize against the existing leadership. However, they are open to collaboration with George Weah and any new leadership chosen through the convention to revitalize the party. Emphasizing the need to confront challenges head-on to pave a positive path forward, the group remains resolute in holding the Coalition’s leadership accountable and fostering transparency within the party.

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