“Liberty Hijacked: A Noteworthy Addition to Liberia’s High School Curriculum”

FreedomNews | Gerald T. Morris

The House of Representatives recently received copies of the book “Liberty Hijacked: The History of How the Loss of Liberty Divides Liberia,” authored by Kai Wleh, a respected Liberian educator based in the United States.

During a ceremony held on Monday, June 3, at the Capitol Building, Jesse Kai Wleh, the author’s son, officially handed over the books to Hon. Thomas Romeo Quioh, Chair of the House Education Committee.

Jesse Wleh emphasized that the Ministry of Education has certified the book for inclusion in Liberia’s high school curriculum. Notably, experts from the Ministry’s Curriculum Development and Textbooks Department reviewed and approved “Liberty Hijacked” for senior high schools in November 2022.

To ensure broad availability, the author has collaborated with Mr. Alpha Collins of the Interior Printing and Publishing House in Monrovia, who will be the exclusive printer of “Liberty Hijacked” in Liberia.

Hon. Thomas Romeo Quioh, expressing gratitude to author Kai G. Wleh – a former university companion – praised the book’s potential to enrich students’ understanding of Liberia’s history. The House Education Committee has committed to diligently distributing the book to students, further enhancing their knowledge.

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