House of Representatives Takes Step to Promote Community Radio in Liberia; Mandates Review of Ownership Bill

FreedomNews | Gerald T. Morris

The Plenary of the House of Representatives in Liberia is currently deliberating a crucial bill focused on establishing comprehensive guidelines for the Ownership, Management, Licensing, and Operation of Community Radio Stations in the country. This significant decision stems from a proposal put forth by Nimba County District 2 Representative, Nyahn Flomo, a staunch advocate for the bill.

Representative Flomo highlighted the historical context, pointing out efforts made before the Liberian Civil War to decentralize public broadcasting through initiatives like the Liberia Rural Communications Network (LRCN) Project, supported by USAID. Sadly, the conflict led to the destruction of essential broadcasting infrastructure, including the regional radio stations in Voinjama, Gbarnga, and Zwedru, as well as the main radio station of ELBC.

Currently, Liberia boasts over one hundred and thirty community radio stations, with a growing trend towards establishing more. Representative Flomo stresses the necessity of a robust legal framework to oversee the ownership, management, licensing, and operations of these stations. Such a framework is crucial for ensuring the sustainability and success of the community radio sector in Liberia, fostering increased access to diverse programming, and encouraging community engagement in station activities.

House of Representatives whose endeavor signifies a pivotal step towards enhancing the broadcasting landscape in Liberia, promoting inclusivity, and empowering local communities through the medium of community radio has entrusted the joint legislative committee with the responsibility of presenting a detailed report on the bill within a tight timeframe of two weeks.

Stay tuned for further updates as Liberia progresses towards a more vibrant and regulated community radio sector.

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