Alleged Alteration in 2024 National Budget Law Sparks House of Representatives Inquiry

FreedomNews | Gerald T. Morris

In a recent development, the Plenary of the House of Representatives has initiated a probe into claims of unauthorized changes in the 2024 National Budget Law. The decision was prompted by a communication from Hon. Clarence G. Gar of Margibi County citing discrepancies in the budget.

Rep. Gar highlighted a specific alteration where the Public Accounts Committee reportedly substituted the Legislative Budget Office (LBO). This discrepancy is purported to have implications for the integrity of the budget process.

After a thorough floor debate, the Plenary endorsed a motion by Hon. Ivar Jones to refer the matter to the House Leadership for further investigation. The Ministry of Finance has been summoned to appear before the House with a budget copy within a week to address these concerns.

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