Uncovering Alleged Violations at the Ministry of Labor


A recent report has shed light on concerning allegations involving Minister of Labor, Cllr. Cooper Kruah. It has been reported that Minister Kruah disregarded the Civil Service Agency’s freeze on new hires and transfers, appointing over 93 individuals to positions already filled within the Ministry.

A communication from the CSA dated April 5, 2024, highlighted Minister Kruah’s actions as violations of established regulations, specifically Chapters 3 and 4 of the Civil Service Standing Orders of 2012, which require approval for human resource movements.

Despite the employment freeze imposed by the CSA on February 16, 2024, Minister Kruah proceeded to make staffing changes within the Ministry, including recalling Labor Commissioners and appointing new Acting Labor Commissioners.

The Ministry of Labor, reportedly heavily staffed by individuals from Nimba County, has raised concerns about potential nepotism and lack of diversity in ministerial appointments. The appointment of Minister Kruah’s kinsman to a newly created position further adds to the controversy surrounding the Ministry’s staffing decisions.

The communication from the CSA also highlighted the unauthorized creation of the position of Deputy Inspector General for Administration within the Ministry, without the necessary approvals as per established protocols.

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