The Troubling Behavior of Liberia’s Lawmakers


Liberia’s legislature consists of 103 lawmakers, but only 5 to 10 appear to hold sway over public discussions. The root of this issue is quite troubling. These few individuals have cast themselves as the virtuous figures of the legislature, yet their deeds often contradict this supposed reputation.

When the legislature passes laws that are not only unlawful but also harm the Liberian people physically or financially, the public immediately attributes these harmful actions to the very lawmakers who present themselves as paragons of honesty. This perception is not baseless, as these self-styled “saints” have consistently neglected to address the corruption within their ranks.

The cases of Sen. Abe Darius Dillon and Sen. Amara Konneh exemplify this. Dillon, who sharply criticized the Senate as ineffectual and spineless under the CDC regime, and Konneh, who seeks to portray himself as a model of integrity, have both vocally denounced the misdeeds of the legislature. However, their critiques lack sincerity, given their complicity in perpetuating the very problems they decry.

The electorate entrusted these lawmakers with the duty to enact positive changes and tackle the systemic issues afflicting the legislative process. Nonetheless, their conduct has only reinforced the public’s view of the legislature as a stronghold of corruption and self-interest. The people deserve representatives who will uphold the principles of good governance and strive diligently to safeguard the welfare of the Liberian populace.

This behavior of Liberia’s legislative leaders is deeply troubling. The public’s immediate identification of these self-proclaimed “saints” with the legislature’s corruption underscores the pressing need for accountability and genuine reform within the corridors of power. The people of Liberia deserve better, and their elected officials must step up to the challenge and honor the trust placed in them.

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