Liberian Senate Clarifies Retreat Budget in Bassa; Challenges Anyone to Show Evidence Contrary to their Claim


The Liberian Senate recently held a retreat in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, with 108 attendees to establish their legislative agenda on topics like Transparency and Accountability, Senate audits, budget decentralization, Senate digitization, and Senate rules review. Despite allegations claiming over half a million was spent with USD 10,000 allegedly given to each senator, the Senate leadership clarified that only USD 50,000 was used for the four-day retreat. This amount according to the Senate Press release covered expenses such as accommodation, conference hall rental, catering, support staff allowances, transportation, secretarial services, and security, all managed prudently within budget.

The Senate emphasized the importance of fair and balanced reporting for fostering public trust and informed citizenship, calling for ethical and unbiased media coverage. They acknowledged the media’s role as a societal watchdog and encouraged responsible journalism that upholds professionalism, ethics, and accuracy.

Demonstrating their confidence in their statement and openness towards any potential clarifications or corrections, the Senate has put forth a challenge to anyone who may possess credible evidence contrary to their claim, to step forward with their information.

The Senate further reaffirmed its dedication to transparency, accountability, and open dialogue with the media and the public. They invited inquiries to the Senate Press Office for more information, highlighting their commitment to serving the people of Liberia with integrity and responsibility.

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